Agile Community of Practice

I realized that for over 2 years I’ve been coordinating and facilitating Agile Coaching DC on a monthly basis and haven’t taken the time to talk. So, tonight I did. It was a very lively discussion with many questions and great team work. I love out community here and hope to see the same faces[…]

People, HR and the Agile Organization

Wow! Just when you think you know a lot about Agile, someone comes in and opens up a new world. Arlen helped us refocus on People, Human Resources and new ways to motivate teams. Lots of deep knowledge which you’d expect from an author on the topic. It was a great topic and great conversations.

Come one, Come all to DevOps: In the Round!

Do you like Shakespeare? What’s about poetry? How about Men in Tights? We had all of that while learning about DevOps.  Richard Stanley is a great entertainer and loves to play dress up. Even more important, he has deep knowledge of DevOps and was able to provide a great overview as well as answer many questions.[…]

UX in an Agile World

This was a wonderful topic and over 50 people attended the lively discussion. The world is realizing how important a good User Experience is for business based applications and this topic was very timely for most in the audience. Daphne Puerto presented at Agile DC 2017 but had more time to talk and answer questions tonight.

Commitment, (not time management)

Dr. Saya Sone provided an amazing presentation on making the right commitments so teams can deliver the right things on time. We had many new people show up and it was a great time for all with singing, lots of laughter and maybe even a little dancing.

Better software through Empathy Mapping

Empathy mapping is a team tool to increase collaboration and gain a deep understand of customers. This was a very hands on meeting where we discovered a new way to learn about our customers and communicate it to everyone in the organization. We also met some new friends that we hope will become part of[…]

Awesome Lean Coffee

This was great as old friends connected again. We’re always glad to get people together to meet new friends and see friends they haven’t seen in some time. Lean Coffee is a great event where everyone has a chance to discuss their real life situations and get expert feedback. If you get a chance to[…]

December’s Impact Mapping

The Impact Mapping meeting was amazing. John Hughes and Rachel Whitt came to lead the workshop of nearly 2 dozen attendees. The meetups at FINRA continue to grow and the energy in the crowd is always exciting. Everyone walked away with a good understanding of how to use the tools of Impact Mapping in both[…]

November’s Lean Coffee at FINRA

Two dozen people arrived at the first Wednesday night meeting right after day light savings. Our friends from Celerity to host the meeting and it was very entertaining. 12 topics were discussed and we had some new comers. Very excited to have everyone there.

Velocity, The Good, Bad and Ugly

This was a great presentation. Almost 40 people came out to listen to Jonathon deliver a somewhat controversial presentation that brought on lots of lively discussion. Sam, Michael and Scott from Eliassen Group provided some delicious pizza from Mama Lucia’s and everyone had a great time and learned a lot. These Meetups keep getting better[…]